This is the campaign page for Tales of Talador: Fifth Age. Tales of Talador is a campaign setting of my own design based in the far off and fantastic realm of Talador!

Our current adventure has our heroes traveling across the kingdom of Midgar, righting wrongs by championing quests given to them by the Adventurers’ Guild. From ousting a gang of lost Umber Hulks from the catacombs underneath Fistead to starting up underground gladiator stadiums underneath Tavern de Chuck, these heroes adventures are sure to be electrifying!

As the adventurers arrive in the bustling halfling cultural center that is Lochshire a festival seems to be in full steam. However, even as our heroes use this festival as an opportune time for some rest and recreation, so do the forces of darkness seek to bring dankness to ashes.

On their third night in Lochshire and the last night of the grand festival, just as King Goodfist V is about to reward our heroes with a shiny dingus for a job well done… Some ne’er do wells appear from the shadows of the night and make off with the dingus before Goodfist can properly explain just what it is.

While the King and his men look into this bizarre theft, our heroes make their way North to Sweemoor and Axeford to continue their quests…

Tales of Talador

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